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2022 Coldest’s Lost Treasure - The Hunt for Dead Man’s Chest


Join Jack Sparrow and his crew in search of the Dead Man’s Chest! The hunt is underway! For information get yar arse over to the Coldest’s Lost Treasure page of our website. 

All clues will be posted here on the homepage at Clue Central.





Better hide the rum, the time has finally come!

Davy Jones waited 10 years to walk on land.

With his induction, on the Flying Dutchman.

The Dark Lords arrival went just as planned.

His love was lost, it came with a cost.

Filled with sorrow — Davy ripped out his heart!

Davy felt grief, that was beyond belief.

He sensed his world was falling apart.

The keeper of souls, has only one goal.

Now tell me landlubber — do you fear death?

Your soul’s on the line, as you try to find.

The treasure that lies within Dead Man’s Chest! 


-10 years is a reference to the X that the Davy Jones’s key is hidden at. 10 is a X in roman numerals.

-Flying Dutchman is Davy Jones’s ship. A reference to the many ships at Harriet Island.

-“On the line” is a loose reference to look at the line, or cracks (Kraken) of the concrete walkway.

-Dark Lord is a reference to Devils Island. Harriet Islands former name.



Davy’s had enough, it’s time to pay up!

Pay your debt with your soul — or join his crew!

Perhaps join Sparrow? Where fate gets narrow.

Jack is sure to have some rum and a brew.

10th year of loot — times 1,000 to boot!

Take heed and fear the danger that’s comin.

Don’t give up and run, the funs just begun.

Find it before the foul beast is summoned! 


-“Pay up” is a reference to Showboat ticket booth where you would pay for your tickets. The ticket booth is very close to Davy Jones’s Key’s location

-Join either Davy’s crew or Jack Sparrows crew, a loose reference to the group of boats at Lower and Upper Harbors at Harriet Island. One should join Jack’s crew as he always has rum or “BREW”, MILLER Docks is near Upper Harbor and Davy Jones’s Key.

-Davy Jones’s Key is hidden in a “NARROW” hole in the concrete right near the middle of the X bricks on the walkway.

-10 is another reference to the roman numeral X and the hiding spot

-1,000 in roman numerals is an M, near the Key’s location the shoreline makes a M

-The 10th hunt for the Winter Carnival Pioneer Press was hidden at Harriet Island in a boot. 10 times 1000 is 10,000. The current prize amount for that hunt.

-“Times” in mathematics, is a X symbol. Again hinting at the hiding location

-“Take heed to the danger thats comin” is a double reference. First off it is giving a  warning of the foul beast the Kraken, which is a reference to look at the cracks in the walkways. Secondly its referring to the danger of the rising waters of the Mississippi, which there’s a warning sign near the Key’s Location.



A hunt with no tools? Well then… Life is cruel!

There’s no telling where Davy Jones stuck it.

A crew filled with dread — all his villains arrr dead.

But even that old peg leg could pluck it. 


-The first line tells you that tools like a rake will not help you in this hunt. As the Key is hidden in a narrow hole in the concrete walking path

-“Villains arrr dead” is an anagram for “arrr a devil island”. Harriet Island used to be called Devils Island

-The last line tells you a peg leg or stick, might be best to pluck it out it’s hole as the Key is lightly covered by small rocks and sand. 



Be on alert, this mission is covert.

Hunt the blueback like a wolf — or a fox.

A waterside view, is what to pursue.

Problem is — the land of the chest has lots.


-the first two lines refer to a stealthy wolf that is on the big playground stump near the O’hage lot of Harriet Island.

-Blueback is a type of herring fish, warning a red herring is afoot.

-Davy Jones’s Key is hidden with a great waterside view along the river walkway.

-Harriet Land has many waterside views, it also has more than one parking lot. Davy Jones’s Key is hidden not too far from the Target Stage lot. Also a slight nod to the 2018 Pioneer Press medallion find involving a parking lot at Harriet Island.



As the cannons blast — looms an intense flash.

Victory is near but hard to come by.

Squint your retinal, aim your reticle.

You’ll have the darn chest right in the bullseye.


-“Blast” is a keyword for the old Nagasaki road that was moved from Harriet Island to Como Park.

-“Intense flash” is a visual reference to the tall Lumen skyscraper visible from the Key’s location.

-“Victory” is a reference to the Plaza De Honor flags. The plaza is just down the trail a bit from the Key’s location.

-A reticle is often depicted as and X. Hinting at the exact location of the key. On the walking path,In a hole, at the center of the X made with red bricks.

-There is also a perfect shaped reticle near and apartment building across the river. You need a birds eye view to see it (google maps).

-“Bullseye” is a reference to target stage at Harriet Island.



Launch your attack, across from the tracks.

As bullets rain it’s best to take shelter.

In the smoke and fog, have some rum and grog.

And you’ll feel your chances start to swelter.


-“Across” is a subtle reference for “a cross”. Hinting at the X the treasure is hidden next to.

-There are train tracks across the river from Harriet Island.

-The Showboat Landing shelter is near the treasure.

-There is a lot of smoke billowing from a building downtown, visible from the treasure.

-“Grog” is a drink pirates enjoy. The original recipe is just beer/rum mixed with water. A hint at Water St boarding Harriet Island.



The strength of Beckett’s fleet, cannot be beat!

But Davy Jones is known for raising hell.

Call the squires! To help put out the fire!

The smoke rises with the toll of the bell.


-Lord Beckett’s fleet is the Royal Navy in the movie. Raspberry Island used to be called Navy Island. Which is near Harriet Island and in view of the treasure.

-Lord Beckett also helped command the Eastern Trading Company, hinting to look on the east side of HI.

-“Raising hell” is a reference to HI’s old name of Devils Island.

-“Smoke Rises” is another reference to the rising smoke seen from the treasures location.

-Staying with the British theme with Lord Beckett, the last two lines are referring to the London St Paul Cathedral that burned down long ago. The word squire supports the British theme. Overall hinting at the city of St Paul and our St Paul Cathedral in view at the treasure site.

-“Bell” is a reference to the cathedral.


Alternate Path Clue

Have ya lost yar grip? Then best steer yer ship.

To Tia Dalma for her assistance. 

Deep within a name — origins explained. 

Protection from Davy, for your persistence.

It’s odd to see, a ruler of the sea.

Now in mortal skin — fragile, flesh and bones.

Chart yar course, then take off from port.

Nearby the broken heart of Davy Jones. 

Holding the water back, plan yar attack.

Jack’s compass points east — ajar roots of tree.

Across all the seas, find the path to he.

Who wrongfully entombed me! 

𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: COMING SOON!



Near many rays of sun, it helped mill a ton!

Perfect for pirates — even a pauper.

Not one to gloat, on how to tow a boat.

For now avoiding the depths of the locker.


-The seal of the state of Ohio depicts a sun with 13 rays. Ohio street is near Harriet Island. Double meaning for the De La Sol neighborhood.

-“Mill a ton” is referring to the Municipal Grain Elevator across the river and in view at the treasure’s location.

-This area is perfect for pirates as is was and somewhat still is a port.

-Harriet was also perfect for a pauper(poor) as they had public baths.

-“Tow a boat” is a reference to the new luxury high rise on Water Street boarding HI called Cordelle. The name Cordelle means “tow a boat” or “towline”.

-“Locker” is a reference to the nearby storage locker business called Extra Space. On Water St right next to HI and the Cordelle high rise.



Thar’s no worse tyrant, than ay knifed up pirate.

Thar beliefs arrr savage no matter the form.

Yo look you freak! Under tentacles seek!

Become the winning bird who gets the worm.


-“ay knifed” is an anagram for “find a key”. Referring to our proxy item this hunt, the key to Dead Man’s Chest.

-The words “beliefs and form” is a reference to Plato and his famous Theories of Forms. Plato street boarders HI.

-“Yo look you freak” is an anagram for “you look for a key”. Again hinting at our proxy item.

-In the movie Davy Jones keeps the key safe under his tentacles, again hinting at the key.

-The winning bird who gets the worm is the Early Bird. The worm is his breakfast. Overall hinting at the Bed and Breakfast boat near the treasure.



There’s a tax to snag, to gamble the rag.

Settle your debt with Liars Dice for fun.

Tell a lie with fives, then sing to the prize.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


-“a tax” is an anagram for “at a X”, hinting at the red X the treasure is hidden at.

-The rag William Turner gambles in the game of Liars Dice depicts the key. Again hinting at the proxy item you are looking for.

-“Tell a lie with fives” is referring to the X shape the five side makes on a dice. Again hinting at the X the key is hidden at.

-The last line is a song made by Robert Louis Stevenson called Dead Man’s Chest. The song is made for his novel Treasure Island. The overall hint here is to find a Island near Robert street.




How can this be?! Who told them of the key?!

Grab the wheel! — chart your course to Isla Cruces!

Try to stay alive, as you ride the tides!

These scurvy dogs are known to break truces.

Take a spyglass look, as you move like a rook.

But don’t miss your departure — we forewarn.

Follow the path, that would lead to the bath.

Our very own Treasure Island — reborn!


-The clue straight out mentions the key, our proxy item.

-“Grab the wheel” is referring to the Bed and Breakfast sign near the treasure site. It depicts a boat wheel on it. 

-“Isla Cruces” means Cross Island, hinting at an Island. Also hinting for you to look for a cross X where the treasure is hidden. Harriet Island’s river walk path has a bunch of X’s on it made of red bricks.

-“Ride the tides” is another reference to the nearby Bed and Breakfast sign. On the top of the sign depicts waves/tides.

-The spyglass is referring to the shape the diagonal walking trails make near the Great Lawn. From a birds eye view it looks like a spyglass. If you go along one of the diagonal paths you will travel towards the treasure. DOUBLE MEANING, the picture of Harriet Bishop near the playground looks directly at the treasure site.

-“Rook” is a reference to Harriet Bishop. A rook also move back and forth and creat a X in chess.

-“Departure” is a reference to the sign at the Showboat Landing shelter. It has information on what time the boats depart.

-If you overlay the old map of Harriet Island to the map of today. The PUBLIC Baths would be along the river walk trail from the flags to the Showboat Landing area. Hinting to look along the path in that area.

-“Treasure Island” is a reference to the may Winter Carnival treasures that were hidden at Harriet Island.

-“Reborn” is referring to the island being reborn from its former self, also there is a plaque on the river walk that says,”St Paul’s gathering place reborn”.




A stench so foul, and a monstrous growl.

What you heard might make you — crap the bed!

You have no time! Leave your breakfast behind!

On Devils Island - the land of the dead.

Man overboard! Cometh squid of the Dark Lord!

A symbolic 10th year to Davy’s delight.

A typo to note, no time to showboat!

With only a hundred and ten men on site.

Your search gets hotter, come hell or high water.

But danger lurks — no time for slackin!

Where fate gets narrow, stony sand burrow.

Now run! Davy Jones has summoned the Kraken!


-The use of “bed” and “breakfast” hints at the nearby Bed and Breakfast boat nearby the treasure.

-Devils Island is HI former name.

-“Symbolic 10th year” is a reference to the X. The Roman numeral symbol for 10 is X.

-There is a typo in the Showboat Landing signs on top of the shelter on the side the treasure was. It was missing the T and L. 

-The address on the Showboat Landing shelter is 110. 

-“Hell or high water” is referring to the rising water of the Mississippi. More so referring to the barricade that says “warning high water” near the treasure.

-“Fate gets narrow” again refers to the narrow hole the treasure is hidden in.

-“Stony sand burrow” is telling you to burrow under the sand and small rocks covering the treasure.

-“Kraken” was referring to all the cracks in the river walk. And the crack at the X where the treasure is hidden.




Where do I begin? It destroyed the Inn!

With the whole Island along the river!

We were caught standing, at the Showboa anding.

Frozen in place with a fearful shiver.

Island of the Navy, couldn’t save me!

We were all doomed — sentenced to the depths!

We abandoned ship, tried to run but tripped.

The path was crack’n at every step.

Davy sailed the seas, to come stash the key.

Near the Trading Company’s eastern lot.

Sitting there enclosed, right under our nose.

Literally — a red X marks the spot!


-The Inn again is the Bed And Breakfast boat.

-Showboa anding is directly telling you the typo to look for. 

-Look for an Island along the river.

-Island of the navy is referring to Raspberry Island, formally Navy Island, visible from the treasure.

-Mentions the cracked walk way to look for.

-Tells you to search for the key near the eastern parking lot area.

-Then literally tells you a red X marks the spot. 





Check out the Epilogue Video here!



Take a ride across the 7 seas with Davy Jones to hide the Dead Man’s Chest and Key at Harriet Island Regional Park!


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