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Coldest’s Lost Treasure: Welcome

Coldest’s Lost Treasure Xl

My heart will always belong to you…..Calypso

Coldest’s Lost Treasure: Welcome

A look back on last year

The 2022 Coldest’s Lost Treasure was found at Harriet Island Regional Park in Saint Paul by Ed Brodie and Matt Littlefield AKA Team MED! They were registered hunters and collected a Pirates Booty worth $500 + several hundreds worth in prizes! 
Clue explanations can be found within the link

Coldest’s Lost Treasure: Welcome



Prize Package for a Registered finder: Estimated ($250-$500). Dependent on amount of registrations. This will be accurately updated as registrations come.


- The hunt will start on 5/17 at 5pm!

- The Treasure Medallion will be hidden on PUBLIC LAND in Ramsey County.

- Use of metal detectors is prohibited and will result in disqualification for you and your team of any prizes!

- The Treasure Medallion will not be hidden at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

- The Treasure Medallion will not be hidden on a standard golf course. 

- The medallion will be hidden no higher then 5 feet off the ground.

- You will not need to deconstruct public property to find the medallion.

- The medallion will not be buried underground but may be covered lightly by leaves, rocks, pebbles, sand, sticks, or any type of brush. 

- The medallion will not be hidden on any steep hill or anywhere dangerous.

- the medallion will not be hidden on any body of water.


- The prize money will be awarded upon return of the medallion.

- You have until the release of clue 4 on 5/20/22 at 5pm to donate at least $10 to register to win the entire Donation Prize Pot! Register at the link at the bottom of this page. 

-If hunting as a group/team EVERY member of the group MUST be registered to receive the whole prize. If even one person of the group is not registered then the group will only be awarded $100, this will be strictly enforced. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

-The finder will be able to keep the 2023 Treasure Medallion.

-12 clue hunt. 

- One clue per day at 5pm daily, 1st Clue will be released on wed May 17th.

-Scrambled versions of clues will be released a hour early at 4pm.

-Clues will be released first on the home page of this website then on our Medallion Militia Facebook Private Group page and other various social media groups.

-If the 2023 Treasure Medallion is not found by 12:00AM May 29th 2023, the entire Prize Package and any other added prizes will be rolled over to next years hunt. 

- This year we WILL be having a KICKOFF EVENT. It will be on 5/17 at 5pm, during the release of clue 1 at Harriet Island Regional Park in Saint Paul if weather permits. This is a Pot Luck gathering and all are welcome to come celebrate Treasure. Back up venue Joseph’s Bar and Grill if rained out.

-Please use gloves and follow all CDC Guidelines while hunting. 

-The 2023 Treasure Medallion and any items associated with the hunt have been handled with gloves and sanitized right before being hidden.

-Playgrounds are off limits (which are never a good place to hide a medallion anyways).

-Same rules apply for the Alternate Path Clue.

- By participating in the 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure event you agree to a complete waiver of liability and loss of any property. The clue writer/host of the event will not be at any fault for injuries, death, or any type of losses. 

- By participating in the 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure event you agree to a Photo/Video media release waiver. Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure. These will be used by for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media or in any third party publication.

-By registering for the 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure event you agree that your payment is considered a DONATION, this is a [NON -PROFIT] event. You’re whole donation will go to the lucky funder of 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure.

- The Medallion Militia reserves the right to discontinue the hunt at anytime at their sole discretion in the event that any Public or Private Property is damaged or destroyed during 2023 Coldest’s Lost Treasure. If this was to happen donations would be refunded or used in a future hunt, the Medallion Militia reserves the right to make this decision at their sole discretion.

- All rights of the Pirates of the Caribbean are reserved by Disney, the Medallion Militia holds no rights whatsoever.


      I will be releasing a Alternate Path Clue along with clue 6. The way it works is, this Alternate Path Clue will not tell you anything about where the Treasure Medallion is located, instead it will lead you to another clue I have hidden on PUBLIC LAND in Ramsey County. This "Critical Clue", will contain essential information on where the Treasure Medallion is located. There will be only 1 copy of the Critical Clue so finders keepers if anyone finds it. The finder is not required to inform anyone on the find even me the clue writer, so hunt for it at your own risk. Will you stay on the path of the treasure, or will you gamble and use your valuable time tracking down the Critical Clue? Rules for the “Critical Clue” are exactly the same as the rules for Coldest’s Lost Treasure listed above.


     A scrambled version of the clue will be released at 4pm each day, 1 hour before the unscrambled clues are normally released!



$75 (Donation)

Unlimited quantity available 

For all Treasure Pass Season 0 details head over to the Treasure Pass page of this website!


$20 (Donation)

Unlimited quantity available 

With Premium Registration you will receive:

-1 Custom Limited Edition Coldest’s Lost Treasure Xl Mini-Medal

-A chance to win REAL Pirate Treasure! 1 lucky Premium Registrant will win a REAL pirate doubloon 🏴‍☠️🪙

-Get Clue 1 Ten hours early

-1 year subscription to the Premium Crew FB Chat! Which includes: behind the scenes content all year, fast updates, message board amongst the Crew, and of course treasure hunting pirate shenanigans!

-Ability to claim the entire Donation Prize Pot IF you find Coldest’s Lost Treasure. Estimated at $250-$500!

*NO PAY TO WIN! Premium Registration WILL NOT provide a competitive advantage to find Coldest’s Lost Treasure. Your entire $20 Donation will go to the finder. Your support of the hunt is greatly appreciated! We don’t have a hunt without our supporters!

*Must pick up your Custom Limited Edition Coldest’s Lost Treasure Xl Mini-Medal and Pirate Doubloon in person at the Coldest’s Lost Treasure After Party which will be scheduled after Coldest’s Lost Treasure has been found OR make other arrangements with me.


$10 (Donation)

Unlimited quantity available 

With Regular Registration you will receive:

-Ability to claim the entire Donation Prize Pot IF you find Coldest’s Lost Treasure. Estimated worth $250-$500!


$0 (No Donation)

With No Registration you will receive:

-$100, Remaining donations will be rolled over to the 2024 Coldest’s Lost Treasure hunt next year!

Coldest’s Lost Treasure has always been a free to play hunt. You never know when you will crack a clue and be able to find it, register for your chance to WIN a great Donation Prize Pot and of course, supporting the hunt! 

*Any and all Donations are accepted towards the 2023 Prize Package. If you would like to donate anything other than cash shoot us a email (Bottom of home page)! All donations and support are greatly appreciated! 

Coldest’s Lost Treasure: Welcome


Study up! Here is a link to past Coldest’s Lost Treasure hunts and mini hunts. It's always good to get to know your clue writers tendencies! Also don't forget to join our Facebook page for more hunt info!

Register with your minimum donation of $10, all donations are welcome!

The “Past Hunts” link is a partnership with the Coolercrew.

Coldest’s Lost Treasure: About
Coldest’s Lost Treasure: About
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