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The Militia’s Story

The Passion Behind the hunt


Coldest Hunter


Since starting the Medallion Militia, Coldest has played a crucial role in the continued success of the group. His exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth in the hunting community. 

Since his birth as a hunter in 2007, Coldest has over 50+ finds to his name. Member of team STAT, a duo that’s known to strike fear amongst their competitors. His best find to date is the 2018 Pioneer Press hunt at Harriet Island. One of the “Snow Bank 5”, the group found the treasure in a snow bank in the west parking lot near the marina. Through his passion for the hunt Coldest decided to start giving back and running his own hunts for the treasure hunting community, thus the Medallion Militia was born!

Known as the Coldest Hunter for his willingness to stay out in frigid temps for long periods at a time in search of the holy grail, the Pioneer Press Medallion.

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